Central Bank Mortgage Company Services 99% of their Loans

At Central Bank, home loan borrowers experience first-hand the personalized service, reliability, quick response and efficient processing of their mortgages. One of the things that makes Central Bank Mortgage Company unique is that we retain the servicing of 99% of the loans we make.

What does this mean to you? It gives you peace of mind that you won’t get your loan through Central Bank and then suddenly be dealing with an unknown mortgage servicing company. It also means that you can contact your loan officer for questions or concerns about your mortgage long after closing. You can also make payments an any Central Bank location, over the telephone, online, or through our wide variety of auto-draft options.

A mortgage is one of the most significant financial services available to a consumer, and it is important to have a mortgage partner who you can turn to for assistance and customer service after the loan closing. We believe that lending involves relationships. We get to know you and learn how to meet your needs, so you’ll always know where to turn Central Bank.



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